NPFL clubs reject 8-team promotion plan from second tier

Photo: LMC Media
Photo: LMC Media

Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) clubs have turned down the proposal from the country’s second tier the National League (NNL) to promote eight clubs to the top division ahead of the upcoming season.

The Nigeria National League (NNL) is supposed to produce four clubs to join up the top-flight for the 2018/19 season but instead recommended eight teams for promotion since it could not hold a playoff for the eight club.

In a meeting of the NPFL this week, the club owners association resolved that such proposal from the second tier would mean “ridiculing the whole football system in Nigeria” as there would be 24 clubs in the top division.

The NPFL club owners also stated that “the NNL lacks jurisdiction to propose the number of clubs to be promoted to the the NPFL.”

The club owners have now proposed that the second tier finish their season via the playoff in order to promote four clubs otherwise leave them with the option to “suggest a position of no promotion and no relegation in all the tiers of the various leagues.”

However the NNL, observers believes are aping the top-flight which declared a no-relegation season at the end of the last term — meaning all 20 clubs from last season are eligible to take part in the upcoming campaign.

But the club owners in the first division say their decision on the promotion of four clubs from the second tier was taken with “some executive committee members of the NFF were in attendance.”

The NPFL came to an abrupt end last season after 24 rounds of matches instead of 30 matchdays owing to a crisis in the governance of Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) which led to litigation and counter-litigation.

The clubs have now proposed a kickoff date for the new NPFL season in December before Christmas Day as they bid to align to the new CAF calendar of August to May.

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