Nigeria scrabble players Awah, Olaiya suspended


Two Nigerian scrabble players Cyprian Awah and Kabiru Olaiya have been suspended by the country’s sport federation.

Awah and Olaiya have been suspended for violating the rules of the Nigeria Scrabble Federation (NSF) and failing to remit a percentage of their earnings from prize money due to the body respectively.

According to a statement from the federation, Awah has been handed a four-year ban while Olaiya is suspended indefinitely.

Awah’s case bordered on the issue of “proven repeated allegations of impersonation, falsification of results and forgery” levelled against him.

The scrabble player also has less than a fortnight to refund the prize money he earned at the Ushakaa Scrabble Tournament in Makurdi in March this year when he finished in second place or face “an indefinite ban.” Awah could further be prosecuted by the law if he fails to make the refund of the prize money.

In the case of Olaiya, the scrabble federation stated that he is “guilty of not remitting the percentage due to NSF from his prize money at a Nairobi tournament.”

Olaiya represented Nigeria at the 2017 World English Language Scrabble Championship in Nairobi, Kenya last year.

The development means that Awah and Olaiya cannot take part in any NSF-sanctioned tournament while under suspension.

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