Thief steals world’s ‘most expensive vodka bottle’


A bottle of vodka claimed to be the most expensive in the world was stolen from a bar in the Danish capital of Copenhagen, local police said Wednesday.

The six-kilogramme (13.2-pound) bottle, made of gold and silver with a diamond-studded cap, was taken from the Café 33 bar, according to Danish public broadcaster TV2.

The bar’s owner, Brian Engberg, said the Russo-Baltique bottle is worth $1.3 million (€1 million) and appeared on the US television series “House of Cards.”

CCTV footage showed what appeared to be a young man wearing a cap with a covered face entering the bar and taking the bottle.

Police said they could not confirm whether the thief broke into the bar or used a key.

The perpetrator did not steal anything else in the bar, which houses some 1,200 vodka bottles.

The bottle was on loan from a Russian businessman. Engberg said he had not insured it.

© Deutsche Welle


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