Troops capture Boko Haram commander, rescue 212 persons


Nigerian troops have captured Boko Haram commander, ‘Ameer’ of Chawa, Amman Judee and rescued another 212 persons held hostage by the terrorists.

The capture and rescue took place in an operation to clear remnants of insurgents from some villages in the northern fringes of the Sambisa forest.

Four terrorists were also neutralised, Brigadier-General Sani Usman, the Director of Army Public Relations, has said.

Usman said the captured terrorists’ leader is undergoing interrogation, while the rescued persons are being documented and underaged children among them administered oral polio vaccines.

Earlier in the week, troops rescued 30 persons held hostage by the terrorists during clearance operations in eight villages at Bama local government area of Borno.

The army on Tuesday had killed 14 Boko Haram insurgents in clearance operations in Bama.

Brigadier- General Sani Kukasheka, Director Army Public Relations, said that the troops also rescued 30 persons, captured one insurgent and recovered various calibre of ammunition from the insurgents.

He said that the troops had also cleared insurgents in their hideouts at Abusuriwa, Newchina, Bonzon, Usmanari, Goyayeri, Shitimari, Gashimari and Awaram villages in Bama.

Kukasheka explained that eight insurgents were killed while many of them escaped in the affected villages, adding that three males; 12 females and 15 children were rescued from the insurgents.

The army spokesman also disclosed that the troops also ambushed and killed six insurgents at Kumshe and Darel-Jamel villages.

According to him, the arrested insurgent was handed over to the appropriate authorities for interrogation.

“The troops whose continuous resolve in routing out the remnants of the suspected terrorists hibernating within the brigade’s area of responsibility ensured that their superior fire power made the terrorists to flee in disarray, leading to the capture of one suspected terrorist while eight Boko Haram terrorists were neutralised.

“The gallant troops recovered four AK-47 rifles, three magazines, seven Dane guns, machetes, amongst other items.

“In addition, the troops also rescued three men, 12 women and 15 Children, among whom were an aged man and a woman held captives by the Boko Haram terrorists.”



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