Obiano re-elected as Anambra governor


The All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) has won the four remaining local governments in Saturday’s Anambra governorship election released by INEC on Sunday in Awka.

With the declaration of results from the remaining four LGAs, APGA, whose candidate in the elction is incumbent governor, Willie Obiano, has swept the entire 21 LGAs in the state according to results declared at the collation centre.

The result sheet shows a landslide victory by governor Willie Obiano who defeated all his contenders in their local government areas.

The returning officer in the election Professor Zana Akpabio, the current Vice Chancellor of University of Calabar, announced the results at about 8pm local time.

“Willie Maduabuchi Obiano is hereby declared winner of this election having polled the highest number of votes,” Professor Akpabio said.

Obiano defeated 36 other candidates in the governorship after polling a total of 234,071 votes.

The election is the highest number of governorship candidates by any state.

The last local government areas won by the party are:

Anambra West
APGA 8,152
APC 4,261
PDP 1,578

Nnewi South
APGA 10,465
APC 2,765
PDP 3,255

Nnewi North
APGA 10,845
APC 3,616
PDP 4,157

Idemili South
APGA 12,180
APC 4,632
PDP 2,767

Earlier results declared are as follows:

Awka South
APGA 18,957
APC 6,167
PDP 5,354

APGA 16,944
APC 5,756
PDP 3,477

APGA 8,575
APC 7,016
PDP 1,530

APGA 14,593
APC 5,413
PDP 2,323

APGA 11,237
APC 5,297
PDP 6,544

Orumba South
APGA 8,125
APC 3,802
PDP 2,412

APGA 8,595
APC 5, 412
PDP 3,856

APGA 13,167
APC 5,807
PDP 4,073

Onitsha North
APGA 10,138
APC 3,802
PDP 4,143

APGA 6,615
APC 3,415
PDP 4,416

Idemili South
APGA 5,742
APC 4,063
PDP 2,629

Orumba North
APGA 8,766
APC 3,551
PDP 3,865

Awka North
APGA 7,164
APC 3,727
PDP 3,347

Onitsha South
APGA 7,082
APC 2,012
PDP 3,423

APGA 11,840
APC 5,085
PDP 1,296

APGA 14,379
APC 7,894
PDP 4,706

Anambra East (home of incumbent governor)
APGA 20,510
APC 5,248
PDP 1,132

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