FC Taraba, Taraba Queens end protest ‘temporarily’


Players of troubled FC Taraba and Taraba Queens have broken up their protest for now after representatives of Taraba State government met with them briefly and assured their outstanding wages will be paid.

Thepredictorng.com was informed that the secretary to the Taraba State government pleaded with the players to break up their protest and promised that they will be paid in a fortnight.

But the players of both clubs turned down the two-week window offered by the Taraba State official and stated clearly that they would give them a week and no more after they will resume their protest if the financier of the clubs do not pay up the outstanding salaries of 18 months.

However, thepredictorng.com sources informed that the Taraba State government wants to verify the number of players and exact amount owed them as the clubs had tendered a bill of N230 million before it.

The Taraba State official explained to the players that they needed to verify the claims before disbursing fund for their payment.

One of the FC Taraba players revealed that they will write the country’s labour congress to notify them of what has been happening.

“Tomorrow (Tuesday) we will write the Nigeria Labour Congress on what has happened so far. Hopefully that will speed up things,” he said to thepredictorng.com.

Players of FC Taraba and Taraba Queens have been protesting in front of the state secretariat in the past eight days.

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