Boyz II Men in Lusaka for music festival


    Boyz II Men arrived in Zambia on Thursday for the Stanbic Music Festival, and immediately admitted having a good feel with the amount of love that the group has been shown in a country they have never been to before.

    The now three-man band comprising Shawn Stockman, Wanya Morris and Nathan Morris are headlining the annual festival at Lusaka Polo Club.

    “We are happy to be here. It’s so nice to get so much love from a place we’ve never been before. Being our 26th year, it’s nice to know that people from around the world, specifically here [in Zambia] still appreciate what we do,” Shawn said at a press briefing on Thursday evening at Pamodzi Hotel.

    “We promise to offer 100 per cent like we always do. We promise you a great show. We’ve performed in many places around the world and there are places like Zambia that wanted to see us. We are also happy and excited to see new people.

    “It’s always a cool thing being in the 26th year of our career. It’s nice to know that people from around the world, specifically here, appreciate what we do.”

    The trio promised to give their Zambian fans a 100 per cent performance and said it was good to finally meet them. They also said they try their best to be memorable wherever they perform.

    Shawn shared that the secret to making timeless music is, “the time that you do the music.”

    He said Boyz II Men came together at a time when people needed love and needed substance.

    “It came at a time when everybody was looking for something to help them through significant situations in their lives,” he explained.

    Boys II Men’s music and the weight of the emotion was basically what touched the heart and soul of people, Shawn said. It gave them understanding and help and uplift.

    Their love for music is what everybody from their era who was writing and producing music also shared.

    After so many years in music the trio say they are still lucky to be branching out to so many places they have never been.

    “There are still places that we have never been to and seeing these new places and meeting the people is always cool and is what keeps us going,” shared Wanya.

    Nathan said before they became friends they enjoyed singing together and have stayed together this long because they have shared the same love for the last 26 years.

    They admitted the transition to becoming a three-member group in 2015 was difficult after performing for a quarter of a century as a four-man group, but said despite Michael McCary leaving, their bond and love for each other remains.

    Shawn said the DNA of Boys II Men which made people fall in love with the group will always be a part of them and never go away but as human beings and as artistes they are affected by the music and the changing times.

    “Anyone that doesn’t evolve is not a human being, we all change, we all evolve from one place to another and that is the whole meaning of our lives, to be able to progress naturally. We just hope that people are receptive to the change and understand as they went through the journey with us in the beginning and will undergo the same journey with us in our latter days,” he said.

    Supporting artistes at Friday night’s event included James Sakala, Abel Chungu Musuka and Caitlin De Ville.

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